New Zealand Jazz Album of the Year

New Zealand Jazz Album of the Year and other awards
This list is very much a work in progress, if you can help fill the blanks or have any additions or corrections please drop me a line. The winners are listed in bold followed by the finalists.

- 2020 -
Dixon Nacy: The Edge of Chaos (Rattle)
Alchemy: Alchemy
Michal Martyniuk: Resonate (SJ Records)

APRA Best Jazz Composition
Jake Baxendale: "Tui"
Callum Allardice: "Phobos and Deimos"
Myele Manzanza: "Mortality"

- 2019 -
GRG67: The Thing (Rattle)
Antipodes: Good Winter (Rattle)
DogNo Dogs Allowed (Rattle)

APRA Best Jazz Composition
Callum Allardice: "Chungin'"
Grant Hughson: "Follow The Sugar To The Gee" 
Jasmine Lovell-Smith: "Cerulean Haze"

- 2018 -
Umar Zakaria: Fearless Music (Skydeck)
Lucien Johnson: West of the Sun
Chisholm/Meehan/Dyne: Unwind (Rattle)

APRA Best Jazz Composition
Anita Schwabe: "Springtide"
Callum Allardice: "A Gathering"
Jake Baxendale: "Beyond the Palace"

- 2017 -
Jonathan Crayford: East West Moon (Rattle)
Mike Nock Trio & NZTrio: Vicissitudes (Rattle)
Myele Manzanza: OnePointOne (First World)

APRA Best Jazz Composition
Callum Allardice: "Deep Thought"
Bruce Brown: "It’s A Good Time (To Be A Man)"
Jasmine Lovell-Smith: "Familia"

- 2016 -
Phil Broadhurst: Panacea (Rattle)
Michael Houston & the Rodger Fox Big Band: Concerti (Rattle)
Kevin Field: The A List (Warner)

APRA Best Jazz Composition
Callum Allardice: "Sons of Thunder"
Norman Meehan: "Dreams, Yellow Lions"
Phil Broadhurst: "Flaubert's Dance"

- 2015 -
Dog: Dog (Rattle)
Jonathan Crayford: Dark Light (Rattle)
The Jac: Nerve (Rattle)

- 2014 -
Nathan Haines: Vermillion Skies (Haven Music)
Phil Broadhurst: Falubert’s Dance (Rattle)
Reuben Bradley Mantis: The Music of Drew Menzies (Rattle)

- 2013 -
Nathan Haines: The Poet’s Embrace (Haven Music)
Jennifer Zea: The Latin Soul (Mama Wata)
Whirimako Black: The Late Night Plays (Ode)

- 2012 -
Rodger Fox’s Wellington Jazz Orchestra: Journey Home (Tbone Records)
Phil Broadhurst: Delayed Reaction (Rattle)
Tim Hopkins: Seven (Rattle)

- 2011 -
Reuben Bradley: Resonator (Rattle)
Tessa Quayle: Whisper Not
Sumo Jazz Quartet: Throwing Salt (Polyjazz)

- 2010 - I keep finding the same albums for both 2010 and 2011. Can anyone clarify this?

- 2009 -
NZ School of Music Big Band: Run for Cover (Tbone Records)
Alan Broadbent/Frank Gibson Jr./Putter Smith: Together Again (Ode)
Ron Samson/Dixon Nacey/Kevin Haines: Open to Suggestions

- 2008 -
Whirimako Black: Sings (Mai Music)
Norman Meehan: Mondigliani (Ode)
Rodger Fox Big Band: No Exit (Tbone Records)

- 2007 -
Charmaine Ford: Busy Silence (Ford Motion)
Kevin Clark: Zahara
Whirimako Black: Soul Sessions (Mai Music)

- 2006 -
Vaughn Roberts Big Band: Grrreat Stufff! (Rata Records)
Colin Hemmingsen: The Rite of Swing (Rata Records)
Paul Dyne: Shelter of the Ti Tree (Ode)

- 2005 -
Kevin Clark: The Sandbar Sessions
Dan Papirany Trio: Session One (Ode)
Julie Mason Quintet: Estate (Vox)

- 2004 -
The Rodger Fox Big Band: A Rare Connection (Tbone Records)
Charmaine Ford: Blues for Guppy (Ford Motion)
The Frank Gibson Quartet: Rainbow Bridge (Ode)

- 2003 -
Kevin Clark: Once Upon a Song I Flew
Twinset: It’s a Summer Feeling (Capital Recordings)
Matt Penman: The Unquiet (Fresh Sound New Talent)

- 2002 -
C.L.Bob: Stereoscope (Yellow Eye Records)
Nathan Haines: Sound Travels (Huh Records)
The Rodger Fox Big Band: Warriors (Tbone Records)

- 2001 -
The Rodger Fox Big Band: Ain’t That The Truth (Tbone Records)
Erna Ferry: Devil May Care (Tbone Records)
Chris Mason-Battley Group: Karakia (Grass Roots)

- 2000 -
Jason Jones: Subspace (Scoop de Loop)
Mark de Clive Lowe: Six Degrees (Emarcy)
Steve Sherriff: See What Happens

- 1999 -
Chris White/Aaron Nevezie Quartet: Take Me With You (Scoop de Loop)
Wil Sargisson: Steppin’ Out (Finger Breaker Music)
Rodger Fox Quartet: Back to Being One (Tbone Records)

- 1998 -
The New Loungehead: Came a Weird Way (Deepgrooves)
Trip to the Moon: Jazz Hop (Antenna Records)
Sustenance: Food for Thought (Southbound)

- 1997 -
Bluetrain: No Free Lunch (Parachute Music)
Jazz in the Present Tense: Jazz in the Present Tense (Tap)
Nairobi Trio: Shelf Life (Zulu Productions)

- 1996 -
Nathan Haines: Shift Left (Huh Records)
Hattie St John: Flying High at Iguazu
Christchurch Polytechnic Sextet: Collaboration

- 1995 -
George Chisholm Quartet: Perfect Strangers (Ode)
John Key: Strange Fruit (Odd Records)
Urbanism: Urbanism (Ode)

- 1994 -
Freebass: Raw (Deepgrooves)
Bluespeak: Late Last Night (Pagan Records)
Nairobi Trio: Through the Clouds (Ode)

- 1993 -
Broadhurst/Hopkins/Haines: Live at the London Bar (Ode)
The Inner City Jazz Workshop: Live in Concert (Ode)
Malcolm McNeill: Skylark (Skylark Productions)

- 1992 -
George Chisholm: Fine and Dandy (Ode)
Nairobi Trio: Live (Ode)
Elizabeth Braggins: Elizabeth Braggins (Skylark Productions)

- 1991 - no award?

- 1990 - no award

- 1989 - 
Mike Nock: Beautiful Friendship (Ode)

- 1988 -
Beaver: Live at Ronnie Scott’s (RCA)
Frank Gibson’s Jazz Mobile: Spreading the Word (Kiwi Pacific)
Sustenance: Sustenance 3 (Kiwi Pacific)

- 1987 - 
Mike Nock & Frank Gibson Jr.: Open Door (Ode)
Brian Smith: Brian Smith (Ode)
The Umbrellas: The Umbrellas (Sound of Music)

- 1986 -
Phil Broadhurst: Iris (Ode)
John Niland: Inside (Eelman)
Alan Broadbent: Further Down the Road (Kiwi Pacific)

- 1985 -
Jacqui Fitzgerald: The Masquerade is Over (Ode)
Alan Broadbent Trio: Song of Home (Kiwi Pacific)
Martin Winch: Sahara (RCA)

- 1984 -
Brian Smith: Southern Excursion (Ode)
Rodger Fox Big Band: Something Juicy (Summit)
Ken Avery/Darktown Strutters: Jazz the Way It Used to Be (Kiwi Pacific)

- 1983 -
Rodger Fox Big Band: Heavy Company (Circular)
Space Case: Space Case 2 (Ode)
Phil Broadhurst: Sustenance (Kiwi Pacific)

- 1982 -
Frank Gibson Jr.: Parallel 37 (Ode)

- 1981 -
Rodger Fox Big Band: The New York Tapes (Ode) - I think??

- 1976 -
Recording Arts Talent Award (RATA) "Best New Artist" and "Recording Artist/Group of the Year"
Dr Tree 

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