Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Time Listening

Lacy: N.Y Capers & Quirks

Here are a few discs that have been on over the last few weeks.

Steve Lacy: NY Capers & Quirks (HatOlogy 1979)
If you asked, I would likely answer that Lacy's trios are my favourites from his vast discography with this live album near the top. The trio - Lacy (soprano sax) Ronnie Boykins (b) Dennis Charles (d) - sound great playing all Lacy tunes. Plenty of energy  and creative playing from all.

Bley: Notes on Ornette

Paul Bley: Notes on Ornette (Steeplechase 1998)
Bley (p) Jay Anderson (b) Jeff Hirshfield (d) One Bley original and a handful of Ornette tunes. This disc was new to me and has had multiple listens. Worthwhile checking out if you have and interest in Coleman or Bley.

This led me to revisit a couple of Bley's earlier discs  - "Footloose!" (Savoy 1963) with Steve Swallow (b) Pete LaRoca (d) and "Closer" (ESP Disk 1965) with Swallow (b) Barry Altschul (d). Both are excellent and recommended. I was introduced to Bley's work by one of my lectures - Norman Meehan - who went on to write "Time Will Tell: Conversations with Paul Bley." I rate Bley highly - a distinctive pianist and one of my favorites.

Warne Marsh & Sal Mosca: Quartet (1 & 2) (Zinnia)
Have been listening to a couple of very nice ballads from the these to volumes of live recordings at the Village Vanguard in 1981 "Shak' In-Out" (Improvising on Body & Soul) and "Way In There" (You Go To My Head).  The latter is one of my favourite Warne Marsh performances. Sal Mosca is in fine form too. These recordings are fairly lo-fi but well worth listening to for those interested in Mosca & Marsh.

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