Saturday, June 08, 2013

Thumb Blues

Well, the frustration continues.
I've got back into doing some playing after a two week break (aided by six days out of town visiting the rellies). It's baby steps once again - 15 minutes at a time. I am barely warmed up and it's time to stop. Yesterday afternoon/evening the arm felt pretty heavy - ice provided some relief. Today things seem pretty good. In fact, there's no thumb pain to speak off at all.

Last years visa application and relocation no doubt added quite a bit of stress into the mix that I'm sure contributed to the tendonitis problems earlier in the year. It came as a real set-back for me as I felt I had made some solid progress in the previous six months. The trick is trying not to have that on my mind and not clock watching when I play. I have decided to turn the clock around and set the kitchen timer to avoid clock watching. Clearing the mind is proving to be difficult - the injury related anxiety kicks in with a lot of "What was that?" - "Is that tight?" - "Does it usually feel this way?"

Relaxation was a common thread that ran through my studies with Hayden Chisholm, Richard Tabnik, and Connie Crothers. Breathing exercises, stretches etc that were part of my lessons I continue with today.

My plan is to slow things down and try to remove any comparisons I making with myself from before the injury. Relax and enjoy playing. Yesterday I played some J.S Bach, today I checked out a Lacour Etude.

Off to the doctors next week.

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