Sunday, July 14, 2013


Went to a hand specialist at the start of the month. X-Rays showed no signs of arthritis and I got a shot in my right thumb to try and take care of the inflammation. It was a bit tender that night but it didn't take long to feel the difference.
The following morning, following about 40 minutes work on the horn, it was a bit sore. Rubbing in some anti-inflammatory gel took care of it. The rest of the day it was fine. I played again later in the afternoon and the pain didn't return. That week was as comfortable as my hand has been for quite a while.
One week following the injection and there had been no real discomfort until I started taking notes at one of the jazz workshop lectures (I will post on this!). Half a page in and the ache is on! Tried taking it as easy as I could - no playing for the rest of the workshop and minimal note taking. Frustrating, but it helped and by Thursday it was feeling good.
The thumb feels a little tender this morning. I will have a shot at playing after lunch and see how things feel.

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