Saturday, June 21, 2014

Moers Festival: Not Fast Enough

Earlier in the week I listened to this captivating set of music from a quartet led by pianist Julia Hulsmann at this years Moers Festival (with excellent audio and video to boot).
Julia Hulsmann Theo Bleckmann Hayden Chisholm
Not Fast Enough - photo courtesy of the Moers Festival website
The quartet, name Not Fast Enough, showcases work by Emily Dickenson, Margaret Atwood and Walt Wittman set to music by Hulsmann. I have no knowledge how much (or if) this group (with Theo Bleckmann voice/electronics, Hayden Chisholm alto sax and Moritz Baumgartner drums) have worked together much but they have a fine ensemble sound – well balanced in terms of sharing the load. Bleckmann’s use of electronics is creative without being over the top - check out the stretch at 29:45-30:45 on Margaret Atwood’s “Faster.” I enjoy Hayden's tonal flexibility, he's so expressive and full of subtlety. A sound that is breathy and round and at times there is some edge to his tone - maybe more than in the past (could be the recording too). His solo on Dickenson’s “I Think The Root Of Wind Is Water” is a gem (The tune starts at 16.58 and Hayden’s solo starts at 21:30). His playing throughout is a pleasure to listen to - be sure to check him out.

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