Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Connie Crothers Residency at The Stone

Just got this in the (e)mail from Connie Crothers and decided to share it with you all. I'm looking forward to a fun week in NYC.

Connie Crothers Residency —The Stone
I will be performing in every set with these great musicians–from Tuesday, August 19 through Sunday, the 24th. I am very happy about this, especially since every set will be very different from the other sets. Not only are the musicians different, the way they approach improvisation is different. A friend, noting this, said, "You like a challenge." I responded, "Yes, I thrive from a challenge. That is where the fun is." That's also where the surprises are, and the joy.

The Stone, East 2nd Street, corner Avenue C, Manhattan,
$15 each set (the Stone’s minimum at present)
I intend to keep the air conditioner on, unless we get unexpected cool weather.

Connie Crothers, piano, with—

Tuesday, August 19
8:00 Andrea Wolper, voice; Ken Filiano, bass (TranceFormation)
10:00 Lorenzo Sanguedolce, tenor saxophone; Nick Lyons, alto saxophone; Pete Swanson, bass; Todd Capp, drums

Wednesday, August 20
8:00 Jemeel Moondoc, alto saxophone; Henry Grimes, bass, violin
10:00 Adam Caine, guitar; Ken Filiano, bass; Federico Ughi, drums; Alexis Parsons, voice

Thursday, August 21
8:00 Jessica Jones, tenor saxophone
10:00  Louie Belogenis, tenor saxophone, Ken Filiano, bass; Michael Wimberley, drums

Friday, August 22
8:00 Kevin Norton, Vibes, percussion; Ed Schuller, bass; Roger Mancuso, drums
10:00 Eva Lindal, violin; Tomas Ulrich, cello; Michael Bisio, bass

Saturday, August 23
8:00 Richard Tabnik, alto saxophone; Ken Filiano, bass; Roger Mancuso, drums; Mark Weber, poet
10:00 Richard Tabnik, alto saxophone; Ken Filiano bass; Roger Mancuso, drums

Sunday, August 24
8:00 Pauline Oliveros, accordion, electronics
10:00 Cheryl Richards, voice
Richard Tabnik, Ken Filiano, Roger Mancuso
Connie Crothers Quartet - photo by Scott Friedlander

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