Monday, October 20, 2014

Jeremiah Cymerman Podcasts

Clarinetist Jeremiah Cymerman has some great podcasts on his website - 5049 Records. Earlier in the week I had a listen to him chatting with bassist Trevor Dunn.
Among the saxophonists interviewed are Ellery Eskelin, Jon Irabagon, Darius Jones, Ingrid Laubrock, Steve Lehman and Chris Speed. There's plenty of others too - Jim Black, Anthony Coleman, James Falzone, Mary Halvorson,  Joe Morris,  Eivind Opsvik, William Parker and Matthew Shipp among others.

Edit: 26 Jan 2015 - the podcast series wrapped up today with the final instalment featuring the microphone turned on Cymerman himself. I listened to Episode 82 the other day - it was great hearing Andrea Parkins fondly recalling her time studying with Harvey Diamond. It's been a great series and hopefully someone picks up Cymerman left off.

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