Saturday, January 17, 2015

Warne Marsh: Atlantic Album Review Part 2 - Jazz Review 1959

This review of Warne Marsh's self-titled album (partially recorded on this day in 1958) appeared in The Jazz Review (February 1959). The reviewer, Mimi Clar, dedicates plenty of space (in what must have been the longest review of Marsh's work at that point) to discussing Marsh's tone and intonation. She found his tone "so distracting as to have a hard time concentrating on the linear development of the music." Personal and different - yes, but "unpracticed" - I have to disagree. The inflections are part of what drew me in to Marsh's music.

Link on the first image to open as a PDF file. Here is the review in Down Beat and there are links to more vintage magazine articles here.
Jazz Studies Online has scanned copies of The Jazz Review.

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Christ she thought him of all people was out of tune !