Monday, July 24, 2017

Steve Lacy and his Poly-Free Bag

One of my long-time favorites, Steve Lacy, is featured in the May, 1980 issue of Down Beat. This article appeared the shortly after NY Capers & Quirks was recorded (the trio with Charles and Boykins can be seen below). Although it is a favorite album of mine, I hadn't given it a listen for a while so it got a spin as I prepared this post (and a few more since). I've heard a fair bit of Lacy's vast discography, and I would place NY Capers & Quirks right up there. There's a different energy here than with the later trio recordings with Jean-Jacques Avenel on bass and John Betch or Oliver Johnson on drums. There is a fiery, surging, free-wheeling quality that I enjoy and isn't as present in the later trio works. I had the melody of "We Don't" rolling around my mind as I went for a stroll this morning. Highly recommended! Click on the image to view PDF of the full article. More vintage magazine articles are available here.

Down Beat Magazine


Anonymous said...

Just found out that Emanem are reissuing Sortie, Disposability and some other material in August! So stoked... Sortie and Disposability were reissued by one of those euro public domain labels a few years ago but it had annoying audio glitches. Looks like this release will be cleaned up:

AM said...

Great news - I'll add it to the list! Thanks for stopping by.