Saturday, December 29, 2018

Music for Commuting: Lacy, Lacy, Lacy

Keeping me company this week were discs from the Black Saint/Soul Note box set of Steve Lacy solos, duos, trios. I opted for the 3 (of 6) discs that I have listened to the least: Communique (duo with Mal Waldron), The Flame (with Bobby Few and Dennis Charles) and The Window (with Jean-Jacques Avenel and Oliver Johnson). Plenty of variety to soothe the mind. Well..... I'm not so sure that The Flame is soothing, but it is a nice reminder to seek out more from Bobby Few (I don't recall hearing him play outside of the little I have of him with Lacy). You can add to the list other Lacy Black Saint/Soul Note box set (quartets and larger groups). But in the meantime, I have another couple of sets - those by Paul Motian and Ran Blake - that I need to unpack so they can join me for a ride.
Steve Lacy

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