Saturday, April 27, 2019

Music for Commuting: Ornette in the 80s

Virgin Beauty, In All LanguagesI first heard Virgin Beauty at the Wellington Public Library. Right around the same time I got Tone Dialing shortly after it was released, but I think Virgin Beauty was my introduction to Prime Time. I was well aware of Ornette at the time, but Prime Time was a different beast.

In All Languages is fascinating as you get to hear the acoustic quartet and Prime Time exploring the same songs. You can hear the influence of Prime Time on the production on quartet sides… they’re a little heavy on reverb. It’s not enough to stop me considering it essential listening for Ornette fans.

This time round my ear seemed to be drawn to the ballads - “Mothers In Veil”, “Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow” and “Virgin Beauty” - nice accompaniment while driving through the fog.

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