Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ned Rothenberg Solo

Last week Ned Rothenberg was in town performing and recording with James Falzone's "Renga Ensemble" - thankfully there was time for a Saturday afternoon solo concert.
Performing on Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, and Shakuhachi the set at Corbett vs Dempsey flew by - one piece on each horn and an encore on clarinet. I have only recently started getting into his work in the last 6-7 months - via some of his solo albums. I really enjoyed his playing here and with the Renga Ensemble (in fact for me, he was the standout in the group).

For the sax nerds..... his alto has been modified (or retro-fitted, if you like) - it now has two octave mechanisms (like the original saxes had) allowing him to by-pass the auto opening and closing of the upper and lower vents. Without going into much detail he said it helps with some of the techniques he uses. For some reason I didn't ask who did the modification.

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