Saturday, July 12, 2014

Gig: Carol Liebowitz Trio Scholes St Studio

On Friday July 25th I will be playing as part of the Carol Liebowitz Trio at Scholes Street Studio in Brooklyn. We're playing the first set (7.30pm) followed by the FIDO Quartet at 9pm.
The entrance is at 375 Lorimer Street on the ground floor of the red brick townhouse at the corner of Scholes Street.
L Line to Lorimer stop
Stay in the FRONT of the train (if coming from Manhattan).  This will bring you to the exit at Metropolitan Ave. and Lorimer St.  Walk down Lorimer away from Metropolitan and toward Devoe, for a total of 8 blocks, to the corner of Lorimer and Scholes.

G Line to Broadway stop
The exit is at Broadway and Union.  Walk up Union toward Walgreens for a total of 3 blocks.  Turn right on Scholes Street and walk to the end of the block, to the corner of Scholes and Lorimer.

J, Z, M Line to Lorimer stop
The exit is at Broadway and Lorimer Street. Lorimer is not well-marked here; just look for the tall apartment buildings and walk up Lorimer toward them. Continue walking up Lorimer past a park and ball field for a total of 4 blocks to the corner of Lorimer and Scholes. 

Parking is usually available on the street, especially on the Lorimer side of the building. 

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