Wednesday, April 29, 2015

John Tchicai - Down Beat Cover Story 1966

The February 10, 1966 issue of Down Beat featured Dan Morgenstern's cover story John Tchicai: A Calm Member Of The Avant-Garde. When I came across this article I realised that Tchicai is a player that has very much slipped under my radar. Outside of his playing on Coltrane's Ascension and his solo album on FMP, I am not all that familiar with his work (the solo album - which also contains a duo with Albert Mangelsdorff -  is playing as I prepare this post).

Click on the image to view PDF of the full article (the 1966 microfilm roll was not in the best conditions any articles I upload from that year will more than likely contain an annoying line on the left side of the page) . More vintage magazine articles can be found here.
Dan Morgenstern Down Beat Magazine

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