Monday, February 22, 2016

jazz record mart - deer wan

Well, the Jazz Record Mart is no more. It felt like ti had been coming for some time now, a classic shop but they hadn't moved with the times and downtown Chicago rent didn't help them at all. The doors closed on the February 15th. I managed to get in one last time a couple of days before they closed. I took a list to save me from getting carried away. I left with only one album, Kenny Wheeler's Deer Wan, which wasn't on my list (in fact, they had nothing on my list!). There was one Mal Waldron I forgot to look for and by the time I was able to return they had closed. I picked up plenty of albums there going back to 2009 on my first trip to Chicago (back then the staff were a lot more surly than the more recent crew) and I'll will miss being able to pop in there (it was handy to home). The stock was purchased by Wolfgang's Vault in Reno.

I couldn't find my pics of the store so I flogged this one off Yelp

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