Sunday, February 14, 2016

Saturday Afternoon Listening

These three albums keep my wife and I company as we attempted to get some work done this afternoon. All-in-all they made for a nice mix.

Marilyn Crispell - Storyteller (ECM)
I've listened to this album a few times this week. The trio (with Mark Helias (b) Paul Motian (d)) have very unified sound. It may seem mellow and sleepy but there is a nice energy that underpins the album (and occasionally bursting through). I particularly like Motian and Crispell combination.

Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (Columbia)
I had been a while since I had given this a spin. I can't really work out why but it worked surprisingly well bridging the first and third albums here.

New York Jazz Collective - Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (Naxos)
The second album from this sextet has some very nice writing for three horns (trumpet, trombone, sax/clarinet) and rhythm section. By the time this one over, my attention for school work had begun to falter (hence this blog post).

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