Monday, March 28, 2016

A few tracks on a Sunday afternoon

I spent some time on Sunday listening to a few tracks from three albums that have been getting regular airtime since I picked up just before Christmas. In addition to some distinct individual voices, all three groups display a sense of ensemble unity and conception.

Benjamin Schaefer: Quiet Fire (Nwog)
"Snow Globe Night Watch," "Nautilus" and "Elegy." I'm this group has the chance to work and record together more.

Nils Wogram Quartet: Construction Field (Altrisuoni)
"Tricky's Food," "Quiet Place" and "Hostile Moves." I haven't checked too much of Nils' playing outside of his work with Root 70 and I'm keen to check out his trombone quartet - Vertigo.

Root 70Wise Men Can Be Wrong (Nwog)
"You Stepped Out of a Dream," "Darn That Dream" and "Too Marvelous for Words." The latest from one of my favorite groups is an all standards affair. Hayden and Nils weave effortlessly while Matt Penman and Jochen Rueckert are one formidable rhythm section.

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