Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Signal To Noise - Jazz April

At the start of the month I grabbed a stack of Signal to Noise magazines off eBay. This month's reading from them has included articles on Yusef Lateef (I have enjoyed checking out a few of his albums this month), George Graewe, Frank Gratkowski, Ken Vandermark, Gerry Hemingway, Charlie Haden, John Tchicai, Bob Moses, Matthew Shipp, Henry Threadgill, ESP records, Borah Bergman, George Russell, ICP Orchestra, the Vision Festival, Cecil Taylor, Mills College, Allen Lowe, Gunther Schuller, Bob Koester, the Eskelin/Parkins/Black trio, Albert Ayler, and various book, concert and album reviews.

It would be nice if the likes of Down Beat and Jazz Times gave some room (even one article) for some lengthier features (that don't read like fleshed out press releases!) or how about a guest editorial each month? Maybe they could borrow from The Jazz Review and have a few musicians write album reviews. I don't think that's too much to ask - in the mean time I can still stop by Point of Departure.

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