Sunday, January 27, 2019

Callum Allardice Trio at Rogue and Vagabond

Today was a day of contrasts… the morning kicked off in the rain as I dug out a wire fence buried/tangled in grass and by the afternoon I was in the city sunshine on my way to hear the Callum Allardice Trio - with Seth Boy (b) Cory Champion (d) - at Rogue and Vagabond, before returning home in the misty rain.
New Zealand Jazz

I’m pretty sure that previously I’ve only heard Callum playing original material (maybe there was a standard or two thrown into the mix), so it was nice to kick back and listen to his lines flowing through two sets of standards. The appearance of “I’m Getting Sentimental Over You” put a smile on my face. Thinking about it on the way home, I don’t really listen to much by guitarists. But why? I don’t know. Perhaps I need to address this! But this evening I managed a double dose with Al Campbell sitting in and opening the second set with “Out of Nowhere” and “Body & Soul.” I hadn’t heard Al play in a while (maybe at the Rogue a couple of years ago), so that made a nice surprise. I’m not sure if they have played much together, but the two guitar made a good pairing.  Pretty good day, really.

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