Sunday, February 17, 2019

Music for Commuting: Hines, Grolnick, New York Jazz Collective

Car troubles of late have been eased by the tones of Earl Hines Plays Duke Ellington, New York Jazz Collective's I Don't Know This World Without Don Cherry and The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Don Grolnick. When posting about OrangeI mentioned that Grolnick was to be added to the list - well I finally got around to it. There's some nice writing on there and I immediately thought of my friend John. We're probably going to give the album a closer listen next time I see him. The New York Jazz Collective features a similar line-up to the Grolnick recordings so they make for some complementary listening for approaches to 3-4 horns and rhythm. I've been enjoying Marty Ehrlich's contributions on both recordings. Mike Nock's solo on "Legacy" is one I've given repeated listens. Is it just me, or is Earl Hines underrated? Very inventive solo takes on Ellington that I highly recommend. This is the only Hines solo disc I have, and it always makes me wonder why I don't have more - but the 2 CD set has a lot to digest! Aural sustenance.

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