Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Arthur Street Loft Orchestra: Blair Latham & Anton Wuts

Blair Latham (b.cl/ts) Anton Wuts (as/ts/bs) Jake Baxendale (as/b.cl) Bent Hunt (trpt) Jasmine Lovell-Smith (ss) Alistair Isdale (b) Thomas Friggens (d)

I had been well overdue getting along to another Arthur Street Loft Orchestra concert, but I really didn't want to miss out on this week which featured Little Symphony Sax Quartet and Noveltones (with Ben's trumpet in place of Tristan's violin) and joining forces to play music written by Anton and Blair. There's always plenty of energy from these two and a bit of humour too. Plus their music works well together too with the set moving seamlessly between works from both composers. So often you hear original compositions just once, but I'm glad that Blair's “Message in a Bottle” has reappeared at a few gigs - I must have heard three versions for different instrumentation so far. It's nice when artists have a chance to only present original music, but also the oppourtunity to develop works over time. Week to week there's plenty of variety at the Arthur Street Loft Orchestra gigs both in terms of instrumentation and content. There's three weeks left in Season 7 – Louisa Williamson, Daniel Hayles and John Rae – I'll need to check my work schedule but I hope to get to at least one of these.

It can be bit of a rush to get in straight from work. Or at least it feels like a rush, but I always seem to get in with time to spare (great... now I've just hexed it for next time!). Although, I have to remember to stand next time... too much time sitting (in the car, at the gig, in the car again). It makes for a long day – about 7am-11pm - but it's worth the effort.
New Zealand Jazz

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