Sunday, August 04, 2019

Swagman at Raumati Social Club

New Zealand Jazz

I'm trying to keep up the tradition of catching the monthly Swagman gig. This time around I convinced my sister to bring along my nephew - his first gig - and I enjoyed watching him take in everything. He hung in there for the first set and then they bailed before he melted down.

Swagman draw a regular, local crowd. By the end of the evening it's 85% (at least) regulars who are there every time I'm there. It makes for good vibes, and this time round it was a night of enjoyable hangs - first with the family, the band between sets (Swagman groupie alert!), and meeting some new people at the end of the night. The band was sounding really together, and perhaps as a result, the soloists stretched out a little more (especially in the second set). Until next time.

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