Sunday, November 29, 2020

Jazz | Pint | Transitioning Alpha Theta

North End Brewery
A quiet Sunday evening at home called for a beer and some listening. The album that has lulled me off to sleep the last couple of nights is Hayden Chisholm's Transitioning Alpha Theta from his box set Cusp of Oblivion. If you hadn't picked up on it, I'm definitely a fan of Hayden's work, and I particularly enjoy his saxophone ensemble recordings. Whereas Kaum Quartet and Auto Poetica feature four and eight alto players respectively, Transitioning Alpha Theta, features Hayden alone, multi-tracked.

Nothing is abrupt. Dynamics are at the quieter end with subtle variations as particular notes are emphasized and the sounds ease in and out with breath. Ebb and flow. Sublime saxophone playing. The Breath. Space. A sense of calm prevails. After 42 minutes the piece ends but feels like it could just keep going. Infinity. 

The breath. Calm. Space. Areas that warrant further exploration in my own work and a record such as this (and others from Hayden), are a handy resource.... and an enjoyable listening experience. This past week or so I've been consciously trying to slow down while practicing. Leaving more space etc. Putting the horn down helps - you can't play if it's not in your hands.

One of my regrets is not getting back to Greece for another of his workshops. Maybe in the future it will happen. For now, I can relax, listen, get lost in the sound, and slow down.

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