Thursday, November 12, 2020

The return of Swagman

Last Friday night it was off to Raumati Social Club for the first gig by Swagman for quite a while (prior to lockdown sometime). The crowd was small to start but it picked up and was pretty much a full house by the end of the first set. As usual they started out mellow - even mellow-er than usual - and then ramped it up during the second set. It wasn't the dancing/party crowd this week (perhaps everyone was electioned out?) but they were digging it nonetheless. Gabe played a lot of vibraphone during the first set - more than usual, it seemed. He fired up the alto during the second set, playing a couple of solos that were as good as I've heard from him. I always enjoy making the effort to hear Swagman whenever I can. It's a fun gig - fine musicians, sweet guys, and good vibes. There's been plenty of good vibes at gigs I've attended recently. Maybe people have worked out how lucky we are to have live music soothing our souls. Long may it continue.

Brent McFarlane drums
Usually I only catch glimpses of Brent McFarlane as he's tucked away in the corner somewhat obscured by Joe and Gabe, so this time around I made a point to grab a shot of the Swagman engine room.

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