Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Evan Parker Interview Links

I was browsing the Roulette website and I came across a video of Evan Parker and his Electro-Acoustic Septet. Though I'm not always a fan of his music, I find Evan Parker's thoughts on music particularly interesting. This 14 minute video alternates performance footage of the Septet with an interview with Parker.

Here are some interviews with Parker I have bookmarked over the last couple of years. Happy reading. But first - a quote from Parker himself:

"Without wishing to sound grand, at this point I have no idea how many interviews I have given; how many of them were published; what proportion were accurately transcribed; how many I regretted almost before they had begun."

Full interview is at Nate Wooley's Sound American website - be sure to check out the other interviews there too.

Complicated Sublimity - by Stewart Smith, The Quietus July 17 2013

The Jazz Breakfast - by Peter Bacon, November 9 2013

All About Jazz & Interview with Martin Davidson - March 2003 & April 1997 respectively. From Parker's website.

Paris Transatlantic - by Dan Warburton January 2010. There are plenty of interviews on this website.

The European Free Improvisation Pages have a couple (plus some articles etc).
May 1994 for ImprovJazz 
April 1997 for Opporium by Martin Davidson

Interview by Richard Scott 1987

Intakt Records interview with Evan Parker & Barry Guy by Bill Shoemaker, August 2002

Shopping with Evan Parker - from January 2002

Point of Departure - Evan Parker on John Coltrane, August 2006

Chicago Reader: Making Music From Music - by Peter Margasak, September 2009

Interview with Simon Waldvogel - 2000

Conversation with Evan Parker & Thomas Struth -  by Ted Panken February 2003

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