Monday, April 06, 2020

COVID-19 Lockdown: Day 12

Nils Wogram Root 70
This afternoon I wrapped up the tour of Root 70’s discography with the self-titled debut album released in 2000. Plenty of youthful exuberance here. Will the lads don the drag if the 20th Anniversary Tour takes place later in the year once this shitshow is over? A couple or three quick takeaways from the discography tour. The albums are nicely recorded. Jochen and Matt are one of my favourite rhythm section pairings. The blend – in separate sections (the horns and rhythm) and together as a whole. The overall ensemble sound is one of balance. They bring some old-school sensibilities (group sound, recording techniques) into a contemporary setting. 

A keen eye would have noticed that I skipped the vinyl version of Fahvergnugen (with Wolff Parkinson White remixes and an alternate take) as I still don’t have a turntable.... maybe I’ll take it off the shelf and stare at for a bit. Meanwhile, I wait for the box to arrive and throw the "Root 70 Plays Root 70" idea out there once again.

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