Tuesday, April 14, 2020

COVID-19 Lockdown: Day 16

Mike NockI’m making the most of waking up early by getting stuck into work straight away and last week I found it nice having a bit of kick musically to get me going (Root 70 fit the bill). The last few work mornings I’ve been listening to the latest offering from Mike Nock – This World - a co-led group with drummer Hamish Stuart, saxophonist Julien Wilson and bassist Jonathan Zwartz. 

While it didn’t grab me right from beat one, it is growing on me. But I think it’s when I’ve been listening to it more than anything. Moody, dark, sombre - but there’s also a warmth too....relevant to the current scene, but it’s not exactly “caffeine music” (an exception is the gospel-shuffle “Riverside”). 

It can be quite chilled out (“Home”) and at this time, that’s not a bad thing at all. But there seems to be something holding back pieces that you’d expect to ramp up. Like on “The Dirge”....I kept waiting to hear this take off with some straight up swing. But maybe it’s a hangover from listening to the energy of Root 70 lately. Wilson uses the electronics sparingly. Necessary... no, but he uses them tastefully, and on “Any Heart” they add a nice texture and colour. The opening of “We Shall Rise Again” really shows the influence Mike has had on Norman Meehan’s playing.

I feel I’m going to dig This World more once some semblance of normality returns and fancy listening something to mellow out with – sunny afternoon or late at night might be better than early morning.

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