For ease of navigation, here's a listing all of my posts relating to Jazz in New Zealand.

NZ Jazz Series
- 2017 -
Mike Nock: Vicissitudes

Space Case: Retrospective

Chisholm/Meehan/Dyne: Unwind

Jason Jones: Subspace

Jim Langabeer: Secret Islands

- 2018 -
New Zealand Jazz Heritage Series: Jazz Concert 1950, Auckland Town Hall

Mark de Clive-Lowe: First Thoughts

Chris Mason-Battley Group: Dialogos

Broadbent/Chisholm/Brown/Gibson: Fine and Dandy

Lucien Johnson +5: West of the Sun

Lots of Listening Awaits (I'm not sure where I'll find the time to get to all of these!)

Vibrant Togues: The Shadow Out of Time

Kim Paterson: Impending Journey

Mike Nock: Beginning and End of Knowing

The Triplets Book

Antipodes: Good Winter

Unwind: Orange

- 2019 -
Dr. Tree: Dr. Tree

Jasmine Lovell-Smith: Fortune Songs

NZ Music Month Posts
- 2015 -
Hayden Chisholm: Breve 

Paul Dyne & Richard Nunns: Hikoi

Colin Hemmingsen & Dave Lisik: Fate and the Processor

Syzygy: Tongue Grooves

- 2016 -
Norman Meehan: Small Holes in the Silence

Hayden Chisholm: Nearness Live

Hayden Chisholm: Cusp of Oblivion

NZ Jazz History

Jochen Rueckert: Introduction

- 2017 -
C.L Bob: C.L Bob

Bleakley / Crayford / Donaldson: The Truth Isn't Always Ornamental

Lucien Johnson: Stinging Nettles

Root 70: Luxury Habits

- 2018 - 
Colin Hemmingsen: Feature in Music in New Zealand, 1993

Sustenance: Food for Thought

Nathan Haines: Growing up in NYC (NZ Musician, 1992)

NZ Jazz Award finalists announced

Nathan Haines: The Poet's Embrace

The Three Out: Hot and Swinging (NZ Listener, March 16, 1962)

The Three-Out: Move

Other Posts
Blair Latham Quartet at Rogue and Vagabond

Arthur Street Loft Orchestra - Blair Latham and Anton Wuts

Unwind on Tour

Arthur Street Loft Orchestra - Daniel Hayles and Callum Allardice

Callum Allardice Trio at Rogue and Vagabond

Mark Lockett Trio at Havana

More Swagman at Raumati Social Club

Swagman at Raumati Social Club

Mark Lockett with the Arthur Street Loft Orchestra

The Melancholy Babes at Snails, Palmerston North

Stroma and The Jac

Hey Babe! Remembering Roger Sellers

Lex French Quartet at Rogue and Vagabond

Photo of Mike Nock playing alto saxophone

Arthur Street Loft Orchestra

New Zealand Jazz Album of the Year (and other awards)

There's No There There (some thoughts on Mike Nock)

Mike Nock with Johnny Devlin

Mike Nock - Cadence Magazine Interview, July 1992

Mike Nock - Pacific Way feature, November 1993

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