Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Recent Work: Sound

Here's any entry dated February 14 2013

Sound work of late has included:
- Quiet Long Tones
I have been mixing it up between Free notes of my choosing and scales. Each note is held out for a natural breath. Sometimes I emphasize a particular part of the horn other times various registers are utilized. For the scales its a simple matter of one note per breath covering the entire range of the horn. Lately its been a diminished scale to tie in the Laquor etude I am working on. Keeping notes stable at low dynamics is a great workout. Focus. As quiet as possible. This is something I have worked into my teachings over the years.

- Overtones
Splitting overtones. Playing the fundamental & the 1st overtone at the same time. I find Bb - C# works better than D and above. When it feels good I have also started playing around with the 2nd overtone.. with less success. Early days, but fun stuff.

- Multiphonics
Choosing one or two fingerings from Daniel Kientzy's multiphonics book. Working on those fingerings and then playing around with similar fingerings to see what I can come up with. I seem to remember things better when I 'discover' them for myself. I won't be surprised if the fingerings I discover appear later on in the book. After struggling away with them when you go back to single notes and the sound really seems to open up.

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