Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Why Keep a Log?

Going through some musically frustrating times led me to reflect on things as well as set some goals. One of those goals was to keep a music journal. For some time I have kept notebooks briefly detailing concerts that I have attended and during my travels I have written journals of my daily activities including thoughts on music. This will be an online journal concerning my ongoing work with music and thoughts that arise  from that work. 

At times I may give specific examples, other times may be more abstract. As a saxophonist there will be some focus on the horn -  a lot of the content will be on the process and the music itself regardless of the instrument.
Will writing things down help me through those times for frustration? Time will tell. 

The first step is to get writing - something each day if I can. Will it end up here? Possibly… stay tuned.

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