Friday, March 22, 2013

thumb ache

Yesterday was the 1st time I had played my horn in over a week. That's the longest  break I've had in a little over two years - when I injured my thumb/wrist. Thankfully it's not as bad this time..... woke up Sunday and it wasn't right.

I took it easy - two 15 minute session during the day. 
Opened up blowing single notes for a few minutes.  My reed(s) seemed softer than I remember but it felt good to be playing again even if half of my attention was on  my right hand. After that brief warm up I moved on to playing what I could remember of "You Let Me  Into Your Life" - a lovely ballad by saxophonist Jemeel Moondoc - it's been ages since I had played it. 

I returned to the horn in the afternoon for another 15 minute session. I followed a similar pattern to the morning....... a brief warm up - descending octaves without the octave key (aka "Letting it Fall") a favorite of mine that I picked up during my time studying with Richard Tabnik (thanks RT!). Then moved on to a tune - "What Is This Thing Called love" - playing the melody and letting things happen from there. Nothing too taxing. Trying to keep everything relaxed.

The plan is much the same for today. This time next week I will be off to NYC so the timing is not exactly marvelous but at least I have some time up my sleeve.

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