Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The List

There are times that see me attending lots of live performances (notably my stays in NYC during 2004 & 2009 when I went out most nights) and other times that I seem to buy lots of albums. The last few months I have been in the latter mode.

Since moving here at the end of September with album buying is at a higher than average rate for me... Aided by online sales at Leo Records and Cadence with 10 disc minimums.

My friend Mike once said "I never make a list." At that time he seemed to buy more cds than anyone I knew. I tend to keep a list but rarely do I stick to it 100%. The recent sales at mentioned above gave me reason to pick up a few discs I would otherwise pass by in favor of something on the list. Not that they aren't list-worthy - just more opportunistic purchases on my part.

The list can be specific (a particular album) or vague (any solo sax album)

The List as it currently stands....
Tranceformation: In Concert
Alexis Parsons & Connie Crothers: Hippin’ - these two fall in the anything by Connie Crothers category
Sean Mac Erlaine: Long After The Music Is Gone
Kazzrie Jaxen Quartet: Callicoon Sessions (I don’t think this has been released yet)
Frank Gratkowski: Fo[u]r Alto
Ted Brown & Brad Linde: Two of a Kind
Ted Brown & Kirk Knuffke: Pound Cake
Solo saxophone recordings - a particular area of interest - I still haven't got Braxton's "For Alto"... that must be near the top of the list.
Schoenberg: piano works

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